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Sewage Treatment Plants


How Sewage Treatment Plants Work

Sewage treatment plants operate by providing an environment in which aerobic bacteria are cultured. These bacteria survive by using biological matter in the sewage as a food source. To provide optimum treatment the bacteria need free access to oxygen and immersion in the sewage effluent. The majority of package plant's work by providing a fixed medium that the bacteria adhere to, and a means of interfacing this with regular supplies of oxygen and biological material.

Properly designed and maintained they can remove up to 95% of the biological pollutants present in sewage.
- How Often Should I Empty My Sewage Treatment Plant
- No nauseaous smells or pollution to offend neighbours
- Actively treats sewage before safely discharging it
- Removes all solids and pollutants
- Prevents pollution by treating within the system
- Complies with environmental regulations
- Improves resale value of your property


How Often Should I Empty My Sewage Treatment Plant

For your sewage treatment plant to operate efficiently the sludge (solids) should be removed on a regular basis, the recommended period between de - sludging of a small sewage treatment plant is anually , however this may vary according to the size and thru flow and could be as often as every six months, but should never be left to go longer than twelve months.