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Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks are designed to allow liquors to flow through the tank and enter the surrounding land or water course via a soak - away without causing damage to the environment.. Waste waters enter the tank through the inlet pipe and the flow is reduced through a series of baffles allowing the solids to sink to the bottom. Additionally smaller particles float to the surface to create a scum layer. By holding the water in the system, suspended solids are removed and much of the sludge decomposes through natural aerobic and anaerobic processes.


How Often Should I Empty My Septic Tank

There is no definitve rule as to how often you should empty your septic tank, but for it to operate efficiently the sludge (solids) should be removed on a regular basis. The frequency of "de - sludging" will depend on several factors - number of properties it services, size of the properties and the number of occupants, but it is recommended that most septic tanks will require emptying at least once a year.


Do's and Don'ts

- Don't dispose of commercial chemicals, medecines, disposable nappies, incontinence pads or female hygiene products down the toilet.
- Don't use large quantities of biological cleaning agents or bleach.
- Don't hose down the baffles and completely empty the tank, it is important to leave a small amount of sludge in the bottom of the tank so that the bacteria in the sludge can restart the biological process.

- Do have the tank emptied ( de - sludged ) on a regular basis.
- Do use biologically friendly products.